5 Tips for a Smart Casual Outfit

When you hear the term ‘casual wear’, what comes to your mind? Actually, this is the vaguest and most confusing term when it comes to dressing. To be specific, casual dressing means everyday wear in which you don’t look over dressed. Jeans, leggings, casual shirts, tops, etc all come under casual wear. Westside is one of the best lifestyle store where you can find wide range of casual clothes.

Tips to Dress up Casual

Know the Term

Casual doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you like. The dress code should be neat, clean and polished but must not be formal. For example, you can wear dungarees at college but no formal skirt or shirt.

Know the Occasion

You’re going to hang out with your friends in a coffee shop; obviously, you’ll look for smart and casual t-shirts and jeans. But, if you have a date at the same coffee shop, you need to be a little dressy. A beautiful tunic will go but that is not formal.

Choose the Right Dress

As you know there is no specific definition of casual and smart wear, you should be careful while picking up a right dress. Concentrate on the fabric. Cotton and linen printed shirts are not formal at all and casual enough. You should also pick the perfect shoes and accessories to enhance your look.


Your casual look won’t complete without perfect shoes. Don’t go for stilettos as those are too dressy and also avoid formal shoes. What to wear then? Go for beautiful beaded sandals or wedges. You can also wear ballet flats or gladiators. But, say big no to loafers and flip flops.


Remember not to wear tattered and old jeans. You should be dressed well, no matter how casual it is. Wear palazzos with the wedges or go for jumpsuits with sandals. Cropped pair of cigarette pants is very trendy. You can try those. Your goal must be to look stylish.


These are the easiest apparels you find in your wardrobe. There are several stylists who suggest avoiding t-shirts. But, that depends on the gravity of the occasion. You can wear t-shirt for regular college days or for friends-day out, but is it is college fest, how about layering up your t-shirt and jeans with a beautiful summer jacket? Don’t forget your stylish pumps.


These will give you a more polished yet casual look. Don’t cover yourself with accessories and jewelries. An embellished belt or a junk stud can be the best to give you your desired look.


When talking about casual wear, this is your best friend then. You can pick any type of jeans. Fashion experts suggest dark colors and straight cut jeans. But, if you want you can match your jeans’ style and color according to your choice.

With these tips you can pick the best casual dress for you from stores like Westside.

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