Tips To Help You Preserve Your Precious Italian Jewelry

Be it a big sparkling diamond necklace or a small gold pendant, the luster needs to be preserved with proper care and maintenance. Italian jewelry needs to be cared properly and even a small scratch or chip can spoil the look of your jewelry. No worries, here we are going to discuss on ways to maintain your Italian jewelry in order retain the same fresh look and luster.

  1. Store properly

After buying your Italian jewelry, your first step is to store the jewelry. You need to store it properly to avoid getting tarnished. The best option is to go for a fabric lined jewelry pouch or box with many dividers. Also place each jewelry in separate compartment in your jewelry box. In case, you don’t have a dedicated jewelry pouch then you can store them in soft pouches made of velvet or satin. Never place all your jewelry together as it might lead to damage.

  1. Keep it clean

Exposure to dust, sweat, dirt etc will result in losing the sparkle of your Italian jewelry. So proper cleaning should be done periodically in-order to retain the luster. You can use mild detergent and water solution also a clean toothbrush with gentle bristles to remove dirt. After you clean them, leave it to air dry and gently wipe with a clean and soft cloth. Before storing them, always ensure that they are clean and dry. If you happen to store them even with a little moisture it might lead to green fungal formation. You can also opt for professional cleaning if you are not sure on how to clean them properly.

  1. Periodical inspection

You need to regularly inspect your jewelry in order to prevent them from damage.  Sometimes the stones or any attachments might loosen and fall when you wear them, this periodical inspection help you to identify them well in advance and fix them.

  1. Wearing tips

Last but not least are the wearing tips, to avoid damage or loss while wearing them.

  • Never wear jewelry and do your household chores. The harsh chemicals present in cleaning products might damage or discolor the jewelry.
  • Always finish applying your cosmetics and wear your jewelry.
  • Better to avoid rough activities like exercise, cleaning, gardening etc after wearing your jewelry.
  • There are lots of possibilities for you to loose your valuables in sink, so exercise caution around sinks.

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