Top Three Dress Styles Every Woman Should Own

No matter how much you love denims and shorts, nothing beats the beauty and feminine element of a good dress. Women love dresses for the sheer fact that there is a sense of style, and one can literally experiment with hundreds of ideas. Of course, we will talk of the best kinds of dresses that every women should own in her closet, but before that, you have to follow two rules for buying the right ones. Firstly, don’t buy a size smaller or larger than yours, and secondly, don’t wear something that doesn’t match the occasion. Here are top three dress styles at a glance.

The little black dress

LBD is a classic, but how you choose to wear it depends on you. The basic thing you need to understand for choosing a dress is the kind of style you are looking for. If you have a curvy body, you don’t want to buy a dress that sticks and hugs your body at the wrong places. For those who have fuller bust, they should look for a more plunging neckline, and in case you have big arms, look for an off-shoulder outfit. Your little black dress from any Independent designer should be about oozing confidence.


A maxi dress

Everyone loves maxi dresses, and if you think they are unflattering, think again. Maxi dresses are great for women who don’t love to show off, and you can pretty much wear one to the beach and to a brunch with same ease. Maxi dresses look good on taller women, but if you on the plus side, you can create a tricky layered effect by increasing the hemline and adding shrug. Just make sureyou choose the right color, which should ideally be from the summer palette, if you are looking for classics.


Pretty printed dress

Printed short summer StyleWe dresses are the best choices for a casual day. Ideal for dates and even formal wear, depending on the office rules, you can wear these dresses to any party too. Summer dresses are usually semi-fitted and meant to be comfortable, so look for materials that are easy to wear, such as cotton. As for the colors, this is one kind of style that doesn’t demand any rules. Play around with varied prints, but if you are on the plus side, you should consider smaller prints. Smaller prints tend to keep the look busy and people won’t look at the extra kilos.


While not on the list, every girl should also have a perfect red dress, possibly with a hint of softness. Look at online stores, and you will find quite a good list of options, including pretty mix of colors. A striped dress is also something that you may want to try. Instead of going for horizontal stripes, which can make you look broader, just find vertical stripes that can add an illusion of height.

Shopping for closet needs doesn’t need a perfect time, but all you need is a set of classic ideas.

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